Our Training Center

Through our track record in enabling and empowering Filipino families, BSK now confidently brings our wealth of organizational experience at the grassroots into program-sustaining leadership development, values promotion, and project management training workshops and mentorship sessions for a wider audience of communities and local government units across the country.

A Capacity Development Resource Hub

While sustainability is often the result of intensive community organizing and capacity building and rests on community ownership of the initiatives, BSK has also seen the crucial. if not, critical role of sustainability-enabling public policies and program or project designs. In many ways, our success stories in the many BSK communities we have built and expanded were also success stories of the host local government units and partner national government agencies which have provided the enabling institutional environment that facilitates program continuity through policy support, budget allocations, and other forms of assistance. 

BSK understands, however, that not all local government units have developed the sufficient capacities for building the institutional environment that can facilitate sustainable and truly empowering livelihood development initiatives.

With a pandemic still threatening our communities, the imperative to rebuild local economies, restart or open new and alternative livelihood opportunities has become more compelling, if not, crucial to our entire country’s recovery strategy.

It is in this light that our Board of Directors in partnership with the Center for Local Innovation and Capacity Development (CLICDPH, Inc) – a research and training consultancy firm developed the training courses contained here which were specifically designed to assist local government units around the Philippines in developing innovative policy solutions and designing high-impact programs towards rebuilding local livelihoods not just for a “new” but “better normal” in local communities.


Online Delivery & Digital Learning Materials

Our training services are delivered online and are inclusive of user/learner-centred digital materials, templates, and worksheets.

Post-Training Support & Online Mentorship

Our training and capacity enablers make themselves available for online consultations and other support services for one month after the training.

Coalition Building & Networking Support

Through our post-training support channels, we continuously interact with trainees and connect them to relevant networks.


Foundational Courses

Designed to build baseline technical skills, our foundational courses enable capacities to achieve organizational goals across a broad range of tasks in engaging contemporary issues and relevant stakeholders


Professional Skills Enhancement Courses

With the goal of integrating public sector staff and personnel and community-based organizations into market processes, our professional skills enhancement courses strengthen capacities in building organizational identity amid contemporary cultures and challenges.


Community Development Courses

Designed for community-based organizations, sectors, and public or non-profit sectors involved in community organizing, our community development courses equip trainees with skills in effectively reaching relevant partners and enhancing internal processes.


Specialized Training Courses

Recognizing the need to upskill both public, private, and non-profit actors in the face of Industry 4.0 and the more complex landscape of globalization, our specialized training courses enable trainees to appreciate the new skills needed to adapt and succeed in the contemporary world.


Local Government Planning Writeshops

Designed to assist and provide on-demand online support for local government unit (LGU) departments and staff in preparing key policy instruments, planning reports (e.g. DRRM, LCCAP, CLUP, GAD, etc) required by national government agencies and other entities.

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